I am worried about this group of Girls, what should I do?

Okay well there is this group of Hispanic Girls who are on the Soccor Team.Anyway, their Coach for that is that Mean Teacher.I am worried that he treats them like Trash and is mean to them like he is to me and other kids.I think Hispanic Girls should be treated with respect and If that Evil Man's not, then I wish I could do something about it.I am sick of this man, and I swear, If he lays one single hand on those girls or beats up one of them I swear I'll probably go off on him.Those Girls deserve better respect than from a Monster like him.I do know though, that One time he was yelling at one of them and they got mad and they kicked him in the head with a Soccor Ball and it was funny.He was also mean the next day to us and said he was unable to yell because a "Dumb Girl" hit him in the head.Now I got mad when he said that to.I am friends with a lot of them and I don't want to see them get bullied by him.What should I do?
Asked Feb 08, 2016
Tell your concerns to a responsible adult you trust and try to get evidence.
Answered May 28, 2017

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