Is it a crime to be a sikh?

I am a 19 year old Sikh who moved to Melbourne, Australia 8 months ago. After arriving here, I realised that Sikhs are so much hated in this country and are nothing but a laughing stock. I thought I would get a part time job and would be able to support my family to pay my college fees and living expenses but I was wrong. Anywhere I apply, I am rejected and I see them accepting people (non-Sikhs) who are so much less experienced than me and who weren't even able to answer the questions asked in the interview. Nobody wants to be friends with me, even the teachers in my college ignore me. I keep myself locked in my room because everywhere I go, people stare at me, laugh at me and sometimes, call me a terrorist. I think I just want to die because I do not want to give up my religion but with holding on to it, I can not survive in this world as I wouldn't have a decent job to buy myself even a square meal.
Asked Feb 07, 2016
It is not a crime, a lot of people misunderstand Sikh people and are racist toward them, you will find a job if you keep looking
Answered Apr 13, 2017

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