Child abuse?

I am 15 and My mother punches and slaps me when Is angry at me and it is usually for the stupidest things. She usually leaves brushing and red welt marks when she does this. Is it child abuse?
Asked Feb 07, 2016

Yes it is. If you're mother hits you instead of talking things out she is a horrible mother. Please report her to a teacher or principle or if you don't feel comfortable with that contact child services. I am so sorry for what she does know that it is not normal. Please seek some help so she stops.
Answered Feb 07, 2016
Yes report her to the police or to a Counicer at school or something don't let her get away with it
Answered Feb 07, 2016
Yes you need to get out of the home as soon as possible and live with another family member! you also need to take this matter for the court to handle and it will take time but I just want to let you know that if you stay there your mental and physical health could be awful throughout the rest of your life with all that sufering you went through I am truly sorry!! hearing that made me want to cry it is not ok for your mother to do that please don't let her to that to you no more!
Answered Feb 23, 2016
yes it absolutley is. I would talk to your guidance counselor at school about it or a teacher you trust and they will be able to connect you with resources and contact child protective services. however, if you arent honest about what she has done its possible that child protective services wont do anything (because I'm sure she will lie about how you got bruises). for example, I had a friend who as a child when child protective services were called somehow convinced them that she had bruised herself everywhere. I wish you luck
Answered Feb 27, 2016

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