11 year old masterbation (girls only plz)

ok so girl talk, I LOVE maturbation but here the thing I do it in the shower and it feels GREAT! wait no thats not the problem ok heres the problem. I dont you know... cum I guess (srry awkward coversation lol) idk why not! I mean every time I do it my legs wobble and I just feel like idk...moaning? but I NEVER cum :|. so do you know a way to do it without fingering.
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Asked Feb 04, 2016
Electronic toothbrush
meme123 Feb 06, 2016
u have kik or snapchat? I can tell u what I do on there but like I told someone else I don't want ppl to find me out on here lol
I'd make u cum so fucking hard you'd passout
First I'd strip u naked and kiss u all over and play with those tits and rub your body all over while I suck while caressing 1 I'd suck the other and I'd grab that ass and kiss u slowly down until I had that tight preteen pussy I my mouth I'd .take u moan squeal screen and sqeak while I slurp tounge and suck
Answered Feb 05, 2016
and u are a asshole
U know u would love getting that pussy eaten out and cumming everywhere
Ignore that first asshole who answered. Masturbation is natural and I can't think of anyone who doesn't like it. I feel the same, I can't feel a thing from fingering or penetration, it's completely natural. Try looking up how to stimulate your clitoris, I think every woman can orgasm by stimulating that
Answered Feb 05, 2016
LMAO thx and ur so funny
Went to the store last Sunday saw a 11 year old she was wearing yoga pants you could see everything tight ass little pussy right throw her top was a white belly shirt no bra buds were amazing I'd say about 4'6 nice and short dirty blonde hair blue eyes creamy white skin mybe 70 lb prime shoulder material and girls wonder why they get raped
Answered Mar 16, 2016
Shoot, I hate that for you so.much. I've suffered the same issue so many times and its an infuriating that is hard to explain to anyone I've shared the problem with qhich is mainly sister and cousin as far as I can remember for sure. Best friend might have been mentioned about it briefly but I'm not sure since sex is a topic I try not to ever bring up with her and am usually trying to be brief when it comes up from her cause I was always afraid somehow she'd pick up on my huge crush on her brother and now its going to be more about the huge rush her brother put on me finally lol...I joke on it but I'm not lookin forward to that confrontation. Is your self delivered euphoria literally never achieved or is it a recent development you've not been able to overcome to them waves? I've been able to get to the point its literally like a blowing of air on the...hell any of it...is all that is what need equivalent to judging by the feeling I recall I use to feel the split second the situation gets real ;) Helps me to go as far as I can resisting anything physical while doing that mental work with reading filth, watching or lookin at porn pics or vids, sex texting with my cousin who helped a crazy amount many times providing me some mental imagery that so vivid she gotta be told to stay off bumping that cerv wall, save that mess for the elder sis, wild one. Cousin actually around likes to look at porn together and it's more hot when someone there also sexually stimulating, commenting on the video about how ow....poor brave gals...then the usual embarrassing admitting the probability of letting the guy try to get a bit to fit without too much cry happening before there's progress towards one or both of us calling the experience a score or whatever would happen to the core...sore obvious. My sister can't achieve gasm with vaginal penetration only, has difficulty with clitoral stim alone but both together supposed to be her jam, not too long and pretty strong. She has to flip around for her easiest route to usually climaxes that are most intense though. Clitoral stimulation alone for myself is intense and about equally time consuming to achieve unless the mighty tongue is the individual who is the stimulating assistant's decision..whether it be suggested from the needy here or they know their way around a uh..uncooperative situation, to be flung or swirl along the pearl. Hope you figure out a decent way to help get to the best part of the day most days if reached. Sex text or call, porn, read sex stories, try to find ways that increase arousal during masterbation...my cousin being present intensified it all, toys if possible might help. I've not tried anything outside of a vibrator before so I'm not much help there. If you want you can msg me directly (hopefully) and I'll be able to provide more ideas. Girl...good luck 4 real. I couldn't do it. Get you one them boys at school to pull some more of our species weight and tongue that damn troubled situation into a thigh clenched head and amazing feelings of satisfaction and general positive rushing waves. Or probably safer if got a close female friend thatd be down instead...a guy going to try to get rewarded for helping by "just the tip" as if that ain't the ejection point and the largest/most painful part. Now I'm invested in knowing your rewarded with an intensity with your orgasm thats finally achieved or forced on you that you black out from the pleasure
Answered Dec 06, 2021

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