I saw something really aweful happen today, should I report it?

Okay well I had accidenlt went to the wrong class and when I went in there I found out it was wrestling and that Mean Teacher was the teacher of it.Anyway, while I was in there he kept treating the wrestlers aweful and cussing at them and throwing them up against the wall and beating them up and saying "I'M GETTING PI***D OFF AT YOU DUMBA*** FOOLING AROUND AND I DIDN"T EVEN WANNA TEACH THIS DA*N CLASS!" and he also smacked a boy right in front of everybody and was being racist to them.I just got so upset I left and then I started to cry because I couldn't believe at how mean and how he treated them like trash and I was just crying and everything.I got out of there though and went to Computer Class where it was a lot better.But I don't know, should I say something to someone in the office about this? One kid got it all on tape but I don't know if he delted it or not.
Asked Feb 01, 2016
Yes tell someone even if it is wrestling
Answered Feb 01, 2016
Okay thank you
Thom33 Feb 01, 2016

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