My friend's headphones got taken away today by that Mean Teacher, and It made me mad what should I d

Okay well I didn't see everything that happened but when I first came in the class that Mean Teacher said to him "zSteve, what are you doing with this headphones out!?!?!?!?!??!" And then thta Mean Teacher Assistant said "Take them away from that little p*****pot!" And then that Mean Teacher said "I did, and don't worry he's not getting them back till the end of the day!!!!!!!!" And then he gave him this look like "You idiot" and then that Mean Teacher Assistant said "If You keep getting those stupid headphones out you won't use them for the rest of the year!!!" And I just got so mad when he said that I want to hit him or something.I hate these teachers. And then later when Steve came back for the headphones that Mean Teacher said to him "If you think you're getting those headphones back, you're wrong" and then he laughed darkly.I hate THAT Teacher, he is a big doucebag and is a bully to us.Steve said he wants to tell his mom back but he is afraid to.Steve's Mom hates the teachers and has reported them before but it has done no good.And plus that Mean Teacher Assistant said "And you're stupid mom will have to come down here and get them!!!" And I got so mad when he said that to.I'm also pretty mad that The Teacher Assistant is racist to a Girl I like.What should I do?
Asked Jan 28, 2016

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