Does my fourteen year old boyfriend want sex for his birthday?

Ive talked to him and he says he wants to have fun at his house.... does this mean Sex? I'm not sure if i'm ready but I wanna make him happy I don't know what I should do should I give him what he wants? or should I turn that down and get him something? and if I do get him something what should I get him? i'm just so confused and what boys want!!!! His birthday is in a few days (feb 10th) I don't have much time left and I told him it was going to big....Hes expecting something big and I have nothing planned!!! please help me its seriously important I make him happy!
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Anonymous User
Asked Jan 25, 2016
Your boyfriend is 14? I surprised he even knows what sex is if I'm being honest. I'm only 16 so I'm not going to be all adult like, I just think that you should get him something you know that he will like and if he is ready to become more sexual with you don't jump right into sex... There are many other things you can do rather than have sex. You say that it is important that you make him happy but your not sure if your ready for sex... If your not ready for intercourse then don't give it to him just because it will make him happy. Do what your comfortable with and go at your own pace and if you boyfriend really loves you then he will be patient. I hope this helps.
Answered Jan 26, 2016
Most likely girl! but you should know him better then anyone, do what you think is right for you..
Answered Feb 04, 2016

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