I need advice on whether or not I should get my GED

*my question is, should I go for a GED after you've read my story?*

I'm super confused on my education at this point:/ My mom kept moving us from place to place and I ended up going to 8 different high schools/getting pulled out and put back into the same high school multiple times. I was either WAY behind or ahead of what the school was teaching so I was essentially learning nothing. In junior year I dropped out of public school and went to online school which I quickly learned SUCKED because procrastination and I cannot teach myself math. I stopped online after about 6 months and didn't return to any school. I tried getting my GED and I honestly don't remember why I didn't continue with it. At this point, I was supposed to be graduating in 2015 but now I am at home whilst graduation comes around. It sucked. So over the next couple months I decided to go back into public school but right now its not working out. First, I went back ONLY because online didn't suit my learning style and my school is handing out iPads telling us ALL:) of:) our:) classes:) are:) online:) And second, my credits are so screwed up, i'm taking 10 classes a day (7 at school, 3 online) and the stress is killing me. I never was good at math at all and only passes it with D's. Now I have THREE math classes in one day and they don't correlate to each other. My family keeps saying their expecting graduation invites and i'm at the point that i'm stressing myself out so much I get sick. Speaking of sick, I have a chronic illness and i'm out of school 2/5 days a week due to it (if not more) and I can loose credits if I pass my given absences, which I had my doctor change. And now i'm not sure if I should just get my GED right now because i'm almost a month behind in all 10 classes and i'm 19, I just want to start my life and forget about all of this. Okay *sigh* I'm done ranting.
Asked Jan 25, 2016

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