Here’s what’s important- Disregard any product

I would hesitate purchasing one that doesn’t have a lot of ratings yet. If you’re really mindful, then you find one which has good shipping and also price, and sort comments by four-star ratings (If someone’s faking reviews that are positive they usually rate 5, and 4-stars tend for being more objective).
But here’s what’s important- Disregard any product-specific comments except if they’re many product problems since they’re all alike products. Instead look for notices about shipping or service or refunds.
Consider the extra protection warrantee from the separate seller (I bought the SquareTrade 2-year safety plan but I’ve in no way used them…. I just liked the thought of not having a trouble on replacements (as well as hopefully they don’t first force me to face the manufacturer).
4. Will it break? Will it have money-back warrantee?

Most online reviews are generally positive, but I’ve seen a number of reports that suggest the Chinese quality-control leaves something to become desired. Some comments indicate they will do break, batteries die, and sometimes the electric battery burns. For less than $25 I acquired a Square Trade protection plan that hides to $349. 99, and I hope that’s the backup if it isn't able. You buy this safety plan separately not from your manufacturer and to energetic it, you send the receipt for many years via email. I expect to use it so I’ll update this post easily have problems. I do not recommend trusting the vendor to take a come back or honor any manufacturer warrantee.

5. How do I discover how to use it? Is it safe?

Here’s a nice tutorial video how to learn it. Here are the fundamentals:

You step on it one foot at any given time, but quickly (using a wall for support).
Then you lean forward like you’re going to fall over and you should trust it.
If you start to compensate your balance as you instinctively will you’ll find unstable… because it’s doing the same thing.
Don’t tilt your feet forward like you’re depressing a pedal. Lean forward like you intend to drop to a pushup. The more you do that, the faster you move.
Turning is totally instinctive, and you can spin around almost effortlessly.
Here’s me trying it out at work yesterday…
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Asked Jan 20, 2016

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