I am an American student (learning German) and in my high school junior year (class of 2017), and I

1. How fluent do I need to be in German before I can go to a college?
2. What do Germans like Americans living in Germany/or attending their colleges?
3. How hard is it to get citizenship there? About how long does it take?
4. Can you get citizenship faster if you attend a college there?
5. Any suggestions on good colleges in Germany?
6. Is my goal of sounding native possible (I have a good ear from music for languages and have heard many Americans can get native accents if they really work at it while speaking German?)
7. Is there a "Germany college board" that I can contact for like emails from German colleges to let them know I am interested (link please)?
8. (And this last one of sort of strange) If I get a citizenship there, I know I have to reject my American one. Will this make me recognized as a German by other people and no longer a "foreigner"? (Like in America, if you have one, your friends and others will call you an American and not think of you as a foreigner since you are no longer one)
Thanks SO much for the help! I know it was long but I SO appreciate it! :D
Ich mag Deutschland <3
Asked Jan 19, 2016

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