Im 11 and need help plz about sex

forget everything he broke up with me because I wouldnt so yeah
Asked Jan 15, 2016
Edited Jan 28, 2016
Aww that's to bad but now you see that he wouldn't of been good for you and most likely was just going to use you for sex and then someday throw you aside like a used dirty bar rag.. I know you didn't want to lose him but hopefully it's for the better, maybe you'll find some one better who wants you for you as a person to hang out with and not just for a sexual object.
Well if he cares and respects anything about you and your wishes, then he would accept that your not ready for sex with him, and he wouldn't try and talk you into doing something you don't wanna do but also he would still consider you his girlfriend and be happy to spend time with you and know that you like him also, until maybe there comes a time when you can feel comfortable sharing a little something more with him in the future, so let him know how you feel and don't give into sexual desires that he wants unless it is something that comes from within your own desire, your own needs or wants, only what you have decided on your own to allow to happen....
Answered Jan 18, 2016
Let him m eat your pussy
Answered Jan 24, 2016

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