These Teachers keep bullying my friends and I'm getting sick of it, What should I do?

Okay well today One of my friends named Phillip had worn jeans to school and it was a day to wear jeans anyway.Well that mean Teacher Assistant who's always in there saw it and got mad at at h and said to him "You can't wear THOSE! GO TAKE THEM OFF! AND YOU CAN'T WEAR THAT SHIRT EITHER! GO TAKE IT OFF!" and then Phillip had to call his mom to bring him more clothes when it was allowed to wear jeans for the day.And then Ths other friend That I have named Eli hadn't finished his homework yet and was hurrying to get it done when that Mean Teacher I have walked by and saw that he was finishing it, and then he said "Eli, How come your finishing your homework!?!?!?" and then Eli tried to explain to him but he wouldn't listen.And then,worst of all, he said to that Mean Teacher Assitant "Hey Eli didn't do his homework! What should we do!?!?!?!?" and then that Rotten Douchebag Teacher Assistant said "Give him a Zero!" and when He said that I just go so mad that I about stood up and told him off.I am just so sick of these monsters thinking they can do whatever they want and getting away with it.And then, that Mean Teacher Assistant called Eli over to his desk and said "You better start finishing your homework or else I'm gonna Do something about it and I'm gonna Mae your Family know all about it and make them shame you you negro! And If the homewor for tonight is not complete, I'm gonna call your family tomorrow and make sure they hate you soon enough!" and I just got so mad when he said that.I even recorded some of it.I just do not know what to do, What should I do?
Asked Jan 13, 2016
Well I have an answer but it will take alot of guts somthing that you might not have. Tell them not to do there homework at all be lazy and skip school... (it helps to have a plan Ex.mow lawns) keep doing that untill they get suspended go to school anyway tell others to disobey... then you will start a school uprising if the teachers try to stop you dont let them if your parents try to punish you dont let em this might eventully end into you losing your things DONT LET THEM TAKE YOUR STUFF GET EVERYONE OUT OF THE DARN SCHOOL AND BURN IT WITH YOUR PARENTS LIQUOR AND A LIGHT THEY CANT STOP YOU DONT LET THEM THE POLICE WILL GET TOO MUCH CRITIZIM TO STOP CHILDREN SO THEY WONT SHOOT BRING KNIFES IF NESSESARY THIS CAN ALL HAPPEN YOU CAN SINGAL HANDEDLY STOP SCHOOL EVERYONES YOUR FRIEND OR ELSE DOESNT MATTER IF YOUR BLACK OR WHITE TELL YOUR SELF ITS FOR THE BETTER GO AT NIGHT STOP THEM ALL ITS FOOLISH ITS TORTURE ITS DIRTY ITS PAIN ITS AGONY.... its school YOU CAN DO IT YOU MIGHT JUST IGNORE THIS BUT DONT YOU HAVE A CHANCE YOU CAN CHANGE IT FOR THE BETTER AND NEW WORLD A NEW PLACE A NEW YOU CAN DO THIS
Answered Dec 12, 2016
dont just reply and ignore it you can you will if you dont... if you dont... do it you can think of after no rules your an american child you must have your freedom you have your chance you have a change please thom you can you could you can if the teachers try to stop you dont let them if your white you can bomb if your black you can protect only you... only you dont ignore it you hate school think of hours of playing pokemon years of youtube and days of fun!

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