Whats the best way to learn math?

I find it difficult finding patient tutor because I dont want to think certain way and I change my mode of thinking if I dont practice for a while so I cant think of the math like that when Im in the other mode cause I really dont care I guess but doesnt everyone have to learn?
I studied a lot but it got confusing after basic stuff and it was really unclear what the tutor is talking about I didnt have reference points to what he said. They said Im not trying try harder or you just have to practice more then the dont want help me with what I didnt know what they try explain? WTF? Why dont they want to help me? They said Im lazy because I dont want to join them but I was trying to talk to mom and dad find out why they arent join and talk me b4. I told them but they just said shut up go away even though it was the first time. After that I said that and they said shut up and go away again. I said much later another time and they said You better pucker up, buckle if you want to learn. Later dad said I am happy to help you I said no you only help me if you are nice you were not nice to me other times you said I better pucker up, buckle up and suck up to you then again he asked me if I want to learn cause he said he can teach me. Before I had a nice tutor but we moved away from there cause we always move away. I watched good videos on ITunes but the tutor got confusing and I still dont get it. How long do I have to practice before I can remember it? I went to a college and had good help from other students. But after I asked them explain something a second time or third time they said you know how to do it. Read the instructions or sign up for stupid course with the illimanati that chains you and then you can learn. You have to join the illiminati/satanist group they teach people and make them into mathematicians.
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Asked Jan 10, 2016
Edited Jan 10, 2016
The same thing pretty much happened to me you just have to do your own learning style what I mean is the way you like to do things not the way someone else does it eventually you will learn I'm having trouble in math myself but I know and have confidence that I will make it out and be successful and I know math is one of the hardest subjects but you need to find your own learning style so that you can get through it
Answered Jan 10, 2016
Math was my best subject, so in a way, it always clicked. Having said that, some of the nuances took a while to sink in. For example, the definition of continuity I learned in my high school calculus class didn’t really gel with me until a couple of years later, as I was walking to the university, the real meaning popped into my head out of the blue.

I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. I use hardly any of the specific aspects of the coursework in my job. However, I believe that the real value of learning math is learning rigorous thinking. And that, well that I use every single day in my work.

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Answered Mar 19, 2016

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