What is the best way to learn to play keyboard/piano?

When am learning to play sheet music I get confused because 'I'm supposed to put both hands on the keyboard and I can only look and concentrate at what one hand is doing and I need to work with two' hands unless I am making my own music then I can do both hands a little bit. I find it difficult to think of what the other hand is supposed to do to sound harmonious when I am concentrating on where to put my fingers and what the notes mean with my other hand. Maybe Im just a beginner IDK. Yes I am a beginner I find it annoying trying to remember all the notes and with all of them being different for each hand especially when they have two notes you have to play with each hand at the same time! I start to not feel good after I play the keyboard for a bit I dont know why maybe I just dont really want to do it. I hate memorizing. I like playing for a little bit sometimes cause it makes me feel like my life doesnt suck but if I play for long or struggle to practice other peoples music reading sheet music
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Asked Jan 10, 2016
Edited Jan 10, 2016
Maybe the piano isn't your thing but if you feel as if it is you'll get used to it this is usually something people start out with is difficulties we have to overcome obstacles sometimes I have overcome many myself and have gained confidence in the many things I do in fact you could grow up to be one of amazing pianist ever it doesn't matter how you start out what matters is how well you do and how better you're getting but if it isn't for you then it isn't for you
Answered Jan 10, 2016

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