My baby Bearded Dragon isn't eating her salad or her crickets, what do I do?

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My baby Bearded Dragon isn't eating her salad or her crickets. What do I do?

So, Izzy my lil girl is my first bearded dragon ever! I bought her the National Geographic Bearded Dragon Sanctuary ( comes with forty gallon terrarium, reptile carpet, 2 dishes, 1 100 watt heating bulb&UVB bulb with deep domes& hygrometer) I also got her a hide, basking spot& artificial plants. She has a basking spot of 95-100 degrees& a cool side of 80-85 degrees. She had been eating her salad and crickets on a regular basis for one week, then her poo became watery and she turned her nose up at food. I gave her a warm bathe to see if she needed help shedding, she is in shed, but she has lost weight& her eyes are not bright any more:( How long should it take her to shed, is it normal for her not to eat during shed? I am worried, so plz if u could answer that would be extremely helpful!

Asked Jan 07, 2016
It is normal for them not to eat while shedding, but they usually get their appetite back afterwards, and those temperature ranges are way too high! Her cool side should be in the 70's, and her warm side between 80-90 degrees. 100 is way too hot for her. if she hasn't been eating for a while, try something different to get her and eat, like mealworms or you could get a small grasshopper, or even a pinkie mouse if she is big enough, just experimenting with different sorts of beardie food until she starts eating. If she still wont eat, I would ask a petstore for advice, and then take her to a vet.
Answered Feb 03, 2016
I fixed the temperatures, but she died of imp action for sure:( She was only a babe, something was wrong with her when we bought her:(
I got a new bearded and his name is Rocky, he is a great eater, he loves his salad and roaches! The hot side is 90 degrees and the cool side is 75;) Thx fur ur help!

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