A New Mean Girl showed up today, and I'm scared of her, What should I do?

Okay, well, Today this New Girl Showed Up.She had a Weird Name called "Cat" and she was also acting really strange.She also looks strange and weird and has a Tatoo on her Arm that is a Picture of a Skull and it says: Doom to All.Anyway, in the next class, she started to make fun of people.She told a Black Boy that she was gonna make him "Gay" and also made fun of a Handicapped Boy.She also flipped someone off and was cussing a Bunch of Boys Out in the Bathroom.I am really scared of her and afraid to get around her.Also, now that Alex is gone, This Bully has replaced him as the "Class Bully".What should I do?
Asked Jan 05, 2016
get together with a group of your friends and schoolmates and report her to the principal, a teacher or the administration. don't do it alone, though. this girl needs pyschiatric help. also, if she threatens you, don't react. ignore her or give her the insincere gesture of kindness if only for the sake of your mental health. inject humor into the situation. go 'ho ho ho, i'm santa claus' or put our your index finger and jiggle it, goin': 'fing-a, fing-a.' and then start laughing like crazy. try winking at her. this suggests that you're not afraid of her, even though you are.
Answered Jan 06, 2016
if this doesn't work, write an anonymous type written letter to the principal of your school and/or your teacher describing this girls behavior. Have your own and your classmates parents call to complain about the girl.
Thom33 Jan 06, 2016

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