Will someone please just answer my question

Ok so I'm bi, not many people know.
I was in the pub the other week with friends who don't know.

This girl who works behind the bar came over to me and said "I thought I recognised you, I saw you on plenty of fish(dating website) last year I think you said you were bi on there?"

I was really fucked and my friend had lost her phone so I was so preoccupied. I just said oh I dunno probably , and said how you doing you alright and gave her a hug. Then my friend came over and said are you ok I said I will be when I find this phone, the sort of looked around the room felt awkward with the girl there she then walked off.

NYE she was in the pub again and I was talking to people in the smoking shelter I noticed she was laughing at my jokes.

I was in fancy dress so had a big wig on. Back in the pub she had her back to me and turned around and was like oh it's you, I said yeah I seem to just pop up every where, I was stressed as my friend was taking the piss and we were leaving

The girl was like who you waiting for I pointed and she was like aw well I'm sure she'll follow if you're just going around the corner and then like still stood with me felt like she wanted conversation but I just didn't know what to say DICK!!

Anyway I can't stop thinking about her , what do I do ? Do I add her on Facebook we have a lot of mutual friends and I am always in the pub ?? I always fuck up in these situations because I don't know if they like me or not !! By the way this girl is fully out as bi sexual she's recently had a girlfriend that lasted about 3 weeks in October!
Asked Jan 04, 2016
Edited Jan 05, 2016
stay on the local train and don't get on any express trains. get to know the person before you hop in to bed. give it 6 months to get to know them. by then, you'll be able to take it from there a lot easier. you're panicking. be patient. plan, decide, and act. make a decision and stick with it, or, at least, decide not to decide about anything. don't act upon obsessions and compulsions and you'll be alright.
Answered Jan 05, 2016
Thank you , so do I just keep going the pub and hoping for conversation lol ?
exactly. or, go to an LGBT Center and attend the meetings there or volunteer, at least, if one is close by. another thing you might want to do is to start your very own social support group for lesbians, or even everyone in the LGBT community in your area.

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