What should I do?

My name is Melanie and I live in Kentucky. I gave birth to my son Greyson on May 4th of 2015. My son was taken by CPS out of the hospital after he was born. He was addicted to subutex and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks. I have been a heroin addict for 5 years and had tested positive one time during my pregnancy. Also, my husband and I were unemployed at the time, living in a weekly motel. I know I have not made the best choices and know the reason my son was taken from me. But, I have been clean and sober since May 22nd of 2015. I signed over temporary custody (having no choice but to do so) to my mother and father and they've had him since about 2 months ago when, because of theyre age and physical disabilities, were no longer able to care for him and signed him over to my husband's cousin Sara and her husband Jason. And I will admit that for about 4 months I did nothing the court asked. I was In a very deep post-partem depression and did not attend the drug classes or get a job like I was supposed to do. As of about 3 months ago however, I started the drugs classes, have secured a job and am living with my mother and father while trying to find an apartment. I currently have supervised visitation. But since Sara and Jason have had him they have refused visitation.(the judge was furious and told them they cannot make those decisions on their own), they will not give me a contact number and have taken me to court to try and get full custody of my son. They are also in Florida for a week right now and I did not find this out until 4 days ago. Since they've had him, there's been 3 times in which I have not seen my son for 2 weeks at a time. I called the CPS worker and was told that she told them they could take him to Florida. She seems to take their side on everything, has not shown up for monthly appointments, (when they decided to not let me see him until court) she said that was ok but told me the opposite, and is just generally not doing her job. I am currently trying to get a hold of her manager to complain and request a new CPS worker. I have court on January 5th to try and get unsupervised visitation. My question is...what should I do? I feel like my rights as his mother are being violated and feel as though my feelings and thoughts about decisions about my son are going unheard. I wake up every day in a panic attack. I mean I can't even call them to ask about my son because they don't want me to have their number. They are trying to take my child from me, and even though they haven't gotten full custody yet, it feels like they have. I dont think they will get custody if I'm doing everything the court asks now, but I don't know what to do until then. Any advice would be great. Is it even legal for them to take him out of state when there's a visitation order in place? Please help.
Asked Dec 29, 2015

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