Im a freshman hes a junior, is he a player or does he really like me/think im pretty

I didnt know him his class was across my class, and I guess he saw me so he started waving. In the begining I wasnt sure who he was waving at because why would a person idk wave at me, so I would say who? And he would say you. So I would wave back and he would get happy and tell his friends I waved back and they would all stare at me, then the next couple of days he would say hi and I would just smile but not say anything
And then he would talk to his friends around me and say to them loudly so I could hear that im so hot, and hes gonna marry me. And all that. he would use a bunch of pickup lines and call me a dime. Then the next couple of days he asked me for my name and I wouldnt tell him, so he asked my friends and they told him so now everday he calls me by my real name and says hi______ I just say hi back. Buy the problem is that, I think hes dating someone. One day I was in the hall and he came up from behind and put his arm around me and was like hey bae, and then his friend was like hey why dont you tell her about ____( this girl) and he said I dont even like her. Shes my side girl your my main bae. And then one day hes student ccouncil he came in to my class to take scores, and I was talking to these juniors and one of them was like to him look whos here, and he just smiled then left and didnt say anything the next day, I was thknking he was gonna say something but he didnt hes been ignoring me so far. And idk why.
So does he like me? He asked me for my number before and idk why but he would show me his car keys.
Asked Dec 23, 2015

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