I need help with Chemistry?

1. Write the possible products and determine if the reaction will occur. Include which products are insoluble and which are soluble. Ca(NO3)2+NaCI
2. Determine the percent mass of Sulfer in the molecules of H2SO4. Show how you found the answer.
3. 2C2H6+7O2=4CO2+6H2O (Two part question) 1. How many moles of oxygen would you need to produce 25 moles of CO2? 2. How many moles of water would be produced if you used 32 moles of O2? (Show how you did both of these)
4. Describe the first step in a stoichiometry problem. Why is it vital to complete this step before beginning any calculations?
5. Imagine you are making sandwiches. For each sandwich you need 2 pieces of bread, 3 slices of ham, 2 slices of turkey, and one slice of tomato. You have 21 pieces of bread, 18 pieces of ham, 20 pieces of turkey, and 15 slices of tomato. Which is the limiting reactant? Which reactant will you have in excess and how many of each will be left? Explain your answer and include definitions of a limiting reactant and an excess reactant.
Asked Dec 17, 2015

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