How do I care for my gerbil?

Hi, I just got a new gerbil named Chii (from Chobits) and I want to know any info U have about caring 4 them. Thanks!
Asked Dec 15, 2015
Awesome, gerbils are great petz!
Purchase housing. The best habitat for a gerbil is a large glass tank. For two Gerbils a 10-gallon tank should suffice. For each additional gerbil, the tank should be 5 gallons larger. Fill up a third of the tank with a substrate like Megazorb, Finacard, Carefresh or Bedexcel that the gerbils can dig in. Sufficient room to burrow is necessary to keep your gerbils active and entertained.
Never line the bottom with sawdust because pine and cedar wood shavings can cause serious respiratory problems.[
You will need a top to protect the gerbils. The best option is something like a fine wire mesh that can be purchased at a pet store. These are optimal because you can hang items from them, including a wheel and a water bottle.
Avoid cages. Gerbils can easily get their feet caught in wire. Be mindful of this when purchasing anything for their home, including wheels.
Feed your gerbil well. The first step to good health is a good diet. Like us, gerbils need a balanced diet of greens, protein, fats, and vitamins. Their base diet should be a commercially produced gerbil food, because these are designed to accommodate all of their nutritional needs. However, this can be augmented with occasional treats. Food should be scattered across the surface of the bedding.
Start with gerbil pellets or combinations of seeds marketed at the pet store for gerbil consumption.
Gerbils like seeds, but avoid giving them too many sunflower seeds, as these are particularly fatty. Pumpkin seeds are better.
Supplement their dried food with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, including pear, melon, apple, oranges, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins, and fennel. Rhubarb and grapes, on the other hand, are poisonous to gerbils. Hay is also a popular and healthy treat for gerbils; use the type available at pet stores.You do not need bowls. Scattering food is easier for you and better for your gerbils as it encourages their natural instinct to forage, while discouraging fighting.Equip the bowl with a water bottle. Get one with a nice metal spout. It helps if the body is composed of clear plastic, so you can see how full it is with a glance. Hang it from a mesh lid on a glass aquarium or through the bars of your topper. Clean the spout regularly. Refill frequently enough that the gerbils always have access to water.Make a bed. A simple wooden box is ideal for nesting. These can be purchased at a store. Shred tissue paper into small strips and place into the box to make your gerbils bed complete.
Clean cage periodically. You should check the cage daily and remove any stale food that has not been eaten. Otherwise gerbils are relatively clean. The bedding will need to be replaced, but not more than once a week.
Encourage play and exercise. Exercise is also important to any pet's health. Luckily gerbils are naturally active. Space and bedding for digging are the most important requirements for gerbils. Other items, however, can help.
A solid- wheel can provide great exercise. If it is not solid, the gerbil can get its feet or tail stuck and hurt itself. Avoid this. Also be sure to suspend the wheel off the ground from the wire top, so that it does not take up space in the cage.[15]
Pet stores sell wooden chew toys for gerbils that can provide entertainment.
An exercise ball is the best way to allow your gerbil to explore the wider world and get a work out.Gerbils also love cardboard. A cheap way to entertain gerbils is to give them the cardboard center of a roll of toilet paper after you have used it up.Take it slow. When you first purchase your gerbil, it might be too disturbed by its new environment to be friendly. Do not try to pick it up for the first couple of days. You can, however, begin to build positive associations with it by hand-feeding it seeds.Handle with care. You will want to handle the gerbil often so that it becomes to love to human interaction. A happy gerbil will receive daily social interaction. However, you should be careful. Wash your hands before handling. Use both hands to create a big bowl that will support the gerbil. Place your hands next to the gerbil so that it will walk up on to them. [19]
Avoid standing directly above the gerbil. It will associate any shadows being cast on it with predators, causing agitation.
Do not pick up your gerbil by the tail; this can break the tail. Cup the gerbil and hold it carefully.- this is from wiki how
Good Luck!
Answered Feb 21, 2016

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