Why did this Teacher say this Horrible Thing after I thought something aweful happened?

Well, I Do Not Know If This is True Or not, but yesterday, during a Fire Drill, I thin a lot of people got hurt during t but I'm not sure.Well, anway, later, a lot of people in my class were talking about it, and that Mean Teacher I have told us t shut up about it.He said "It doesn't matter, Just Shut Up About IT! I Don't Care If People Got Hurt, All That Matters is that it's over and that You People need to KNOCK IT OFF!" and it sounded just horrible the way he said it.But I'm not sure why he could be so mean if a lot of people got hurt.
Asked Dec 12, 2015
That just have a sad life
Answered Dec 14, 2015
It sounds like you people(the students) were annoying him by being out of order talking about something that was past and over with and is not related to his classroom instruction, in other words you people were interrupting the class discussing something that is irrelevant to his class and subject, which would be very understandable of him getting upset, because once your in his classroom you're obligated to obey class rules, listen and pay attention to what he is teaching or instructing you to do, because you're there to learn not to discuss any personal thoughts between each other.

I don't think he really didn't care about anybody who got hurt, I think he doesn't know how to express himself very clearly when he is angry, I think what he meant (in not so many words) was that at the moment his concern wasn't with the people that were hurt because he knew that they had already been taken care of by emergency personal and what his concern was for at that moment was to get the class in order (since the class was disrupted by everyone talking) so he could start or continue his lessons.
Answered Dec 14, 2015
I see what you mean.I lost a Good Friend during that Drill :(
Thom33 Dec 15, 2015

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