Am I really sick, or is it in my head?

hi, I am 22 years old male. a few days ago my dad was admitted to hospital for chest pain after angiography they(doctors) found that he has 50% blockage in one of his artery and it can be treated with medicines.but when all this process was going on I was there at the hospital I started feeling a bit weird(light-headed,vertigo and weakness) . after bringing him home I felt the same for 2-3 days. I feel better now but sometimes again I get that weird feels as if I am sick.something is wrong in my body. before all of this I was totally healthy, I mean was a good martial artist and an acrobat and this is just 2-3 weeks ago.. why do I feel sick now and how to get rid of this feeling. its like sickness is in my mind,I have lost hope..all my dreams and targets doesn't matter any more it feels like if sickness is inevitable then what is the meaning of life..what will I do if my dad gets sick again if he gets chest pain again .. what will I do if I get sick
Asked Dec 10, 2015
it sounds like your "sickness" started after your dads and it's more anxiety then anything else. You're already thinking about "what if this" or "what if that" don't think about what could happen because the possibilities are endless. focus on the present and deal with that instead. you're NOT sick but rather concerned for your father's health and it's now affecting you too. First thing is first: BREATHE and relax. when you feel the onset of your sickness, stop what you're doing and acknowledge it for what it is and breathe it out and away from you. talk it over with relatives or trusted individuals and seek support. you don't have to go through this alone...
Answered Dec 11, 2015
I struggle with the same problem: Feeling like I am sick in my head, but actaully fine. I try to remember this: Mind over Matter. I have recently been dealing with this problem and it stinks. The thing that I do is keep busy. Then my brain has no time to focus on the actual problem and I start to feel better (Even though I wasn't really sick.) I always get worried when I am around sick people or when it is winter time because I always think people get sick in the winter. It is important to figure out the cause of why you are feeling this way like I did. I hope this helps and hope you realize that you are not actually sick. :)
Answered Apr 30, 2017

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