My Science Teacher made me mad after he did something, what should I do?

Well, he was being sad astic to this Black Boy and he said ,"I know your not playing games" and he then remorselessly Grabbed his IPad away from him, and deleted every thing off of there except for one thing. Now that really got me mad.He then made this stupid Announcement and embarrassed the boy in front of the entire class, and said that he had just deleted all "42" of his apps.The Boy then started to cry, and the teacher then told him to "suck it up and stop being such a "P***pot" the boy then stopped crying and the Teacher threw the IPad down the desk, causing a big dent in it in the process. He then told the Boy that he would have to lay for the damage he had caused.The Boy then told him that "he didn't break it" and that "It wasn't his fault" But The Teacher said he was gonna make him pay anyway.Now I was really mad at that, because the boy didn't do anything. That's not the only thing he's done, He also told us if we don't bring back our progress reports back, he'll give us silent lunch for the rest of the week.He was also racist the Other day, because he told a boy "See if You Understand This In Spanish: You didn't do your homework" And I thought that was horrible. And now I was angered at this, because I have several friends who are Hispanic, and I like a Girl who is Hispanic, so I was mad.I'm really tired of this teacher, and I'm planning on reporting him next week, and one of my Friends who he constantly bullies is gonna help me.I want this Horrible Teacher to get what he deserves and get a taste of his own medicine. I'm at this point ready to do something about this.And these aren't the only things he's done, he's done Lots of other things as well,Like Cussing Us All Out.I really do hate this guy, and I'm tired of putting up with his Bullying and seeing him Bully my friend every day.I'm gonna do something about this next week, I've had it with him.He really shouldn't have been hired.I also did something very gracious yesterday, My Friend hadn't done his homework yesterday, and After the Teacher made a racist remark to him and told him he was gonna give him silent lunch for the rest of the week, I did his Homework for him so he wouldn't have to deal with his nagging bull for the rest of the week.What should I do?
Asked Dec 04, 2015

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