I am confused about my sexuality AM I BISEXUAL?.HELP!

Hi..i am a boy..i m very confused about my sexuality..first I like only boys in my starting teenage years..after some time I like girls..and now sometimes I like boys..sometimes I like girls..not all the time..some days I like boys..some days I like girls..and I really don't know how to impress any of them please tell me..am I gay or bisexual???
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Asked Nov 25, 2015
talk to Jesus
This could be just a phase. I went through it at one point and I'm very happy with my boyfriend now. I'm a girl btw. You could be bisexual and if you really want to embrace it, try it out.
Answered Nov 26, 2015
you need to slow down and get on the local train. first you have to be really, really good friends with the gal or guy. then, you take it from there. go to the movies and dates. go to malls or something. try winking at other bi or gay guys. get involved in groups that you are really interested in. start your own poetry or writing workshop somewhere.
Answered Jan 03, 2016
I am bisexual. Contradicting BrooklynnnOVO, you can be bisexual and only ever date one gender, or be bi and date both genders. I have only ever dated boys so far, but then again, I'm not big on the whole dating thing. There are a lot of sexualities, including pansexual, bisexual, homosexual, and asexual. My advice is probably not going to be a ton of help on figuring out your sexuality (I am still fuzzy on whether I am pan or bi), but I can certainly give you advice on other points. Basically, date who you like if you are sure you like them, and stop dating when you need to stop. You don't have to find your sexuality right away. It isn't going to vanish if you ignore it, despite what a person might say. Good luck, gem, and I hope you find someone you love.
Answered Feb 08, 2016
Does it matter? Why are you desperately searching for that label? You are lucky to be able to see people equally and fall in love with anybody. Impressing people takes time whether its our friends or our partners and something you can not teach you have to see what works for you...whether that's taking people to the movies or romantic walks, everyone is different and everyone likes something different. Go out and have some fun stop stressing and start living. Good Luck x
Answered Feb 16, 2016
Look, I have a lot of bisexual friends. The only advice that I could really give you is that, you have to embrase what you really are. If you like both guys and girls then you are bi. And that's not a bad thing. Talk to your parents about it and see if they can help and accept you for you. I may not personally know you, but I will honestly support whatever decission that you make........
I hope everything turns you well.
Answered Mar 12, 2016
I do not think you are
Answered Mar 22, 2016
You must certain are you really love girls or boys?
if both, you are bisexual.
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Answered Mar 13, 2018

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