I attempted suicide last night, what should I do now?

So last night I couldn't take it anymore so I tryed to kill myself by taking a bunch of benadryl pills. It didn't though I did start hallucinating badly and had horrible balance ect. The effects of the pill wore off when I was sleeping besides the dry throat.

I'm wondering what I should do now, I'm to scared to tell anyone that I tryed to kill myself. I know I should still go to the hospital but I don't want anyone knowing. I can't call the suicide hotline because my sister is here and she would tell my parents.

I just need advice because I feel like taking more pills to try to kill myself again.

Edit- I didn't go to the hospital, I doubt I did any permanent damage + I did try calling the suicide hotline but it didn't help. I thought they would give me advice when I call the suicide hotline but all they do is listen, and expect you to talk about why you feel like that. I honestly am clueless at this point of what to do, and I've mainly dropped out of life mentally which drove me attempt suicide in the first place because I have no more motavation and can't cope with anything anymore.
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Asked Nov 25, 2015
Edited Dec 02, 2015
I did the same thing
Answered Nov 27, 2015

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