Falsely accused how can I defend myself?

If the people who accused me have no remorse and dont care about how I feel or my reputation?

A man has been trying to make trouble and his accusations are bizarre. I dont know him I used to work in an office when I was a teenager, before I turned 18. He told management and even an upper management person from another office (who I worked with for a time) I was sabotaging the office and sabotaging their ability to do paper work and it was all undone because of me. I worked in a private office and never saw most of the executives except rarely.
Then they thought all their trouble was because of me. Some people stood up for me and said that the accusations were bizarre.

The next year this man returned and he started gossiping telling everyone in the organization that I was making trouble and to be careful of me and rumors. He accused me of ruining his life after he suddenly appeared without notice.

The first incident was about 12 years ago. I havent been working at the organization for around 8 years and I dont live in the same city any more.

A couple of years ago my dad came to me told me he wants to blackmail me to discipline me for things he complains I did (what I did didnt know) and I dont remember what he thinks I have done. I told my dad to ask him if he thinks what he is doing will make him look stupid Dad had asked me how I want this guy to blackmail me because dad will tell him what I said to say to him because he asked him to ask me. What I told him to tell everyone that Im a millionaire and that Ive just won the lottery, that Ive won a million dollars or something. And Im rich. Lol

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Asked Nov 24, 2015

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