I suspect someone is spying on me

There is someone who when I was a KID 12 when twelve and a half years ago I was working a job volunteering at a church. She worked there was temporarily over from over seas. I didnt have a particular dislike for her but we had minor quibbles. She took it very seriously and told me she is a CIA spy covert, etc. and that when I am growing up she is going to harass me and she is spying on me. And that nobody would believe me she is/was nice and they would believe her. I honestly thought that we had resolved all issues and I put my complete trust in her in the end. However I am being treated badly by a neighbor and the things the neighbor said are things she said she would have other people say to me. She is not the only one. I highly suspect my family and the goverment probably are doing this. All my life in fact I have had problems with people searching, picking me out using me as a scapegoat, blackmailing me and pretending its not happening cause they said. BY THE WAY MY DAD AND MOM ALSO TOLD ME THEY WERE BOTH CIA AGENTS, VERY RECENTLY DAD SAID I AM NOT HIS KID AND HE IS STALKING ON ME MY MOTHER ALSO SAID SHE DOES NOT LOVE ME AND THIS WAS ON VIDEO ON SKYPE. SERIOUSLY. This is Crazy. I know I can probably be annoying. But I think that is way way, way WAY over board! I am quiet and I was told I was a good kid. You DO NOT STALK A KID 12 years later after treating them like a stranger after about minor quibbles
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Asked Nov 19, 2015
Edited Nov 20, 2015
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