I have a cat and i'm considering getting a cockatiel bad or good idea?

I have a five year old female indoor cat (spayed, declawed) and I'm considering getting a cockatiel. I would keep it in my room, but I don't want my cat to hate me or hurt the cockatiel. Advice? Thanks
Asked Nov 15, 2015
As long as the cockatiel is kept in a separate room away from ur Kitty it should be fine! Also if you want to let the cat in the room just make sure your cat can't slip her paws through the bird cage bars & make sure the bird is safely put away.
Answered Jan 07, 2016
After a while, your cat will get used to it. https://liebstefavorit.de/katzenklappe-test.html
Answered Feb 21, 2019
Edited Feb 21, 2019
In many cases, letting the animals see each other is a good thing, Like many small birds, cockatiels can make great pets if you have children in the house but you should keep your mind towards the cat also and you should provide cat beds or any kind of cat scratcher from Nandog Pet Gear for him so that their mind will always busy in those things.
Answered Apr 25, 2019
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Answered Aug 19, 2019

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