I was bullied by a Teacher today, and it really hurt my feelings, What should I do?

Well, It first happened when He graded my test, and then gave it back to me and the grade on it was a 0.Then he gave me this look like I was stupid and said "There's No Excuse For this!" then he gave me a real mean look and looked like he was Mad at me.It really hurt my feelings and I was about to cry, and then I started to go away from him, but then he told me to go give it to the other Teacher, and when I gave it to the Other Teacher, he looked at me and said "Didn't you remember your formulas?" and then I, who was already upset, said "Yes, I tried" and then he said "Did you remember them on the last test?" and then he looked and saw I had made a bad grade on the last test.Then he Told me he was gonna get me help later on, and then I went and sat back down.But a few minutes later, I heard the Teacher who had hurt my feelings and the Other Teacher talking about me and they were saying "He needs help" and "He did really horrible" and also "I think he's just a dumb person" then the Teacher who hurt my feelings said out loud that he wanted me to come to his room later on for help.But then, He asked me if I knew the formulas, and then I said "No?" and then he gave me a Mean look and asked If I Had Wrote the Formulas down, and when I said No, He got mad and embarresed in front of the class and said "You Were supposed to get a Picture of it a Long Time AGO!!!!!" and then That really made me mad.Then someone helped me write the formulas down.But later on, When I went to his room for help, He didn't even help me, and he instead made me write the formulas down 25 times and he called me a Idiot.Then, when he saw I was about to cry, he told me to "Shut Up and stop being a Stupid Baby".And then, when I went up to his desk to let hi see it, he said that I didn't write them down 25 times and he gave me another mean look.I then had to do it all over again, and then after that, he made me do 2 Math Problems which I didn't even know what they were.I was really upset abut all of it, and I'm really mad at that teacher, and I was so upset that I wanted to go report him.Even worse, he yelled at me when he thought I had not written down the formulas.I can't tell my parent's about him, because he'll just put the blame on me and lie and say that I was playing around and stuff when I wasn't.He is a Bully, and I'm not the only he who he bullies.He also constantly bullies another one of my friends constantly as well.I hate him, and I think he should be fired because He really hurt my feelings today.His name is Mr. Scearce.If anyone could please help report him I would greatly appreciate it.Thank You.I don't want a Bully like him to get away with it.
Asked Nov 13, 2015
Edited Nov 13, 2015

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