Looking for easy computer speed up solution?

My computer seems to randomly shut down when I am in the middle of things. I have tried several times to see if that could tell me anything. It seems that the computer will shut off at random. What could be wrong inside of the machine?

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Asked Nov 10, 2015
Edited Nov 28, 2015
First, you should check the reasons to make your computer slow down, please refer to the following list:

1. Low-performance hardware

2. High-data consumption

3. Insufficient RAM

4. Exceeded Memory usage

Second, you can take the following ways to speed up your PC:

1. stop all unneeded background processes

2. uninstall all applications that are no longer used

3. install anti-virus software and keep it current such as AVG, Avast and so on.

4. Using free third party software such as Wise Care 365 from http://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-care-365.html

5. Consider re-installing windows

6. check the temperature of your computer

If my answer can't help you out, you can post your issue to find more tips here: http://www.euask.com/computer-internet

Answered Nov 11, 2015
wise care 365 can keep my PC running as new. I have used it for 5 years. Recommend here!

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