My female boxer was bred and now has foul smelling discharge a week later

I have a female boxer who has finished her heat a week ago. She was bred twice, with two days in between the breeding so am hoping she is pregnant. Bred on oct 25 and 28. She has stopped bleeding for over a week now and now suddenly she has a very dark brown almost black discharge coming from her vulva. It smells extremely bad. Shes eating, drinking, and playing normally but was concerned as to what it could be. Shes not far along if she is pregnant so in any chance that she aborted pups this early they should have just been absorbed. Could this discharge just be leftover from her heat? And what is the potential that its harmful for any pups she may have conceived (obviously to early to tell yet). As I said my female is behaving normally and showing no signs of distress as of yet. Noticed this yesterday morning.

Shes bred ro another boxer weighing 20 pounds more than her. Not sure if this is significant so just stating it.
Asked Nov 09, 2015

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