I cant drink black tea, should I try green tea?

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Asked Nov 06, 2015
Hello Dear, I think you can drink green tea, after overlook this post I have seen there are some of other tea's are available. I have used the Stevia Iced Tea from Stevia My Store science few months, and I like it.
Answered Dec 14, 2015
Hi, You can definitely go for green tea as it also give health benefits. Green tea also helps in increasing of the metabolism and help burn body fat. I have also been using Organic India Tulsi Tea for quite long. You can directly order it from - https://www.fortishealthworld.com/shop/beverages/organic-india-tulsi-tea-green-bag-25s
Answered Jan 29, 2016
Yes, you can try green tea or lemon and honey green tea. That not only reduce weight but also improve the immunity system. Cup of green tea twice a day can helpful. I have found Teameteas green tea nice as it is affordable and the mixture of many herbs. https://www.teameteas.com/signature-black-teas/lemon-tea
Answered Feb 02, 2016
Yes, you can. A cold beverage hits all the right spots on a hot day: it hydrates, it cools, it refreshes—and depending on your choice it may do a lot more. If you are choosing an iced tea, whether it be black, green, white, or herbal, you are making a smart beverage choice than choosing a carbonated soft drink.Some days before I had gone for a beachy tour and there I enjoyed different flavors of iced tea of Long Island Iced Tea corporation and got refreshed. But The tea is non-alcoholic and prepared with quality ingredients that are offered at an affordable price.Thanks.
Answered Feb 16, 2017
Yes definitely, green tea is one of the most safest organic product available. Although black tea is equally safe I have also seen few of my friends having allergy to black tea.

Green tea can be consumed early in the morning or in the evening, I would suggest you to avoid drinking green tea at night. For pregnant woman it is advisable to not drink more than two cups (also consult a doctor), it is also advisable to avoid it for children.

You can get green tea from any local store. I would suggest you to go for the premium goodricke green tea (https://www.goodricketea.com/product/green-tea), which is very refreshing and tastes really awesome.

Best wishes
Answered Aug 21, 2018
Green Tea is undoubtedly a health savior. But how about trying a new tea this time? I would suggest you buy YOGI TEA. I was going through heavy mental anxiety and the doctor suggested me this one. Let me tell you what this beverage is all about. This beverage is made up of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper. It doesn’t contain caffeine, hence it won’t cause any side effects. As per my experience, I would say this is the perfect mixture of traditional spices in a way that it has a delicious taste and offers soothing effects.

Hope this will help. Thank you for reading! :)
Answered May 12, 2021

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