I'm really getting tired of my Sciences Teacher being a bully and unfair, what should I do?

Today, he sent a boy to the office for just standing up, andi really don't think that's fair.Because the boy had been looking at something from the board,and the teacher told him that he should have set down, and that he was going to send him to the office. He then made the boy come out of the room, and then forced him to sit down in front of the Door, and when the Principal came in, It hit his head.He now has a large bruise on his head thanks to that stupid ignorant mean teacher.I' really don't like the way he did that, and also, in last class,he attacked the same Boy, by verbally Abusing him and calling him a "Stupid Ugly Black Neegro" which I think is pretty racist.He then laughed at him, then Shoved him to the ground, and then made him leave the class Again.I hate him, he needs to be fired.He also has threatened us that if tomorrow, we are bad for the sub, he'll make sure we suffer through the rest of the year.And I don't know what it means, but it doesn't sound good.I also don't know if this is true, but someone said he made a rape joke in front of a girl who had been sexually assaulted Last year, and that he got away with it.And also, the boy who he verbally attacked, has been bullied by him previously, and also by his mean Assistant Mr. Scerce.Also, the Assistant I mentioned, is also a bully himself, and drove a boy until he looked like he was about to cry today.The Boy the Assistant was Bullying, is a friend of mine, and I didn't appreciate what he was doing to him.Me.Mr. Scerce was yelling at him, and also blaming him for stuff, and just literally Bullying him.The Boy who he has been Bullying,has also been through a bunch, as his father I think passed, and he only has his mother, which makes it even worse on him.I really was just about to tell Me. Scerece to shut up because I had had enough of it.I think both Mr.King, and Mr. Scerece, should be fired, Because they are both Mean Ignorant Racist Bullying Jerks who got put there for the wrong reason. Also, Mr. Scerce is raciuat as well, as one time he called a boy that horrible "n" word.I really am tired of both of them, How can I handle this?
Asked Nov 06, 2015

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