I'm tired of Alex, and he keeps getting one of my friends in trouble, What should I do?

Alright, Well I have this Friend named Mark, and Alex is always hanging around him and everything.But the thing is, Mark gets in trouble A LOT because of Alex, and also, Alex has cussed him out and threatened him numerous times, but always got scared and started "apologizing" when he saw Mark was getting mad and was ready to hit him.And Mark always believes Alex's "Apologizes" and always let's him get away with it.Alex also regeraly cusses people out and has threatened them.Since Alex came, Mark has been getting in trouble a LOT, but before Alex came, He hardly ever got in trouble.Alex is really a bad influence on Mark, and is getting him into trouble almost every day, and I'm sick of it.I also Hate The Way Alex smiles and the way he looks like a creepy troll.I hate Alex and I'm tired of him ruining my friends year, and also, since Alex came people have been regurally teasing and Tormenting Mark and saying "Hey! get off t***!" and "They're sending a message on t***!" and all because Alex caused him to start doing that.Alex also is really rude and has cussed out a Teacher twice before.Alex is a Real A-Hole and I'm sick of it.I also reported Alex once when I saw him cussing someone out, but he only got suspended for a Day and then he came back and continued on doing it.He is also really annoying and stupid.He also likes to make rape jokes and he calls Girl's nasty names.What should I do?
Asked Nov 03, 2015

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