Why do trigger irritate and anger others without even trying

They want to make me look crazy I just talk to people sometimes and they get really really angry cause I talked to them my dad and everyone. Whats wrong that people are treating me bad for no reason at all? I called a directory line not realizing it was an international line and she was really irritated and talked to me like I was crazy and asked me why I wanted her and was flicked off. My neighbors also intentionally to piss the fuck out of me because someone told them to and I was cutting and I get really pissed. My dad seems to not want me to succeed. Everytime I want something he tells me it cant be done unless he wants it at that time and at that time I am pissed or busy because he doesnt want me to have what I wanted and everyone seems to want to drive the living fuck out of me
Asked Nov 02, 2015
Edited Nov 02, 2015
Maybe your dad is jealous of you or sometimes dads are hard on there sons to make them stronger to shape them in to strong men and teach them to be the best they can and make smart choices and I know how you feel when in im a dark place time to time it does feel like the whole world is against you but trust me its not the way it seems you are loved there will always be ass holes with bad attitudes thats just the way people are some of those people are going thru tuff times to and they may seem to be haters but really there just pissed off to,
Just always remember to smile and be the better person let go of the hurt and anger its not good for you trust me I know I go thru alot myself music dont help me it only keeps the situation on my mind and it describes my feelings which does not help but only keeps it on my mind and makes me depressed so please dont Liston to music cuz it only keeps you in that dark place, an please dont cut your self you will be left with thoses scars and you'll regret cutting your self when you get older you need to praynd keep in prayer that god gives you peace joy love happiness straignt and comfort and to bless you and give you your heart desires ill pray for you god bless you,
I wanna talk to you do you have kik if you do please reply back with ur kik
I have a testimony I wanna share with you
Answered Nov 03, 2015
Edited Nov 03, 2015

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