My Girlfriend is gaining too much Weight, what should I do?

For the past couple of days, at lunch, she has eaten a lot, and today, at lunch, she stuffed herself until she could hardly move, and then I had to pull her and I finally got her out of the chair but when I finally pulled her out fell down.I have also putten on some weight because she has "insisted" on me doing it, and I was hardly able to pull her out today because of my own weight, also, Moeini made fun of her today and called her a "big Fat Loser", and mean things like that.Her Friend Sierra has noticed her weight gain and has insisted that she start excerisiing more, but she has refused to do it.I'm also angry more at Moeini's Bullying and I really want to do something about it.But yesterday, I myself ate a lot because she had insisted on it, but In regretted it after a while.Her stomach is very big and and chunky now, unlike a few days ago when it was just big and flat, I want to help her lose weight, but I'm worried that it won't work, and also, I need to get into excerise as well, What should I do? And what is a Diet that could work?
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 29, 2015

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