Am I depressed or something?

I have very crazy mood swings daily the littlest thing or nothing at all gets me very aggravated to the point I wanna break dishs and punch walls and scream and yell I wanna get violent but I dont do anything about it I hold it all in I dont even yell at anyone even tho I want to break there neck off, anyway when I get angry like this
I shake I feel like throwing up I get dizzy headaches it gets hard to breath I feel pressure in my chest and my stomach hurts I cry or feel like crying from the anger I dont know how to feel or think about anything anymore I recently started to burn my self im trying hard not to do it anymore so I take benadryl to calm me down and I get very senstitve im 17 and im a girl, can it be just teenage mood swings??
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 26, 2015

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