Is it normal and legal for my appartment floor to shake severly when walking?What are legal options?

I live in Tucson, since I moved here from new England, I noticed the construction is not sturdy. My apartment is so off level, that I cannot even get furniture, that I want because I have to find ways to keep it level, the gaps in my floors gap inches all over the apartment. in the master bedroom, when walking in there, the floor shakes, horribly comparable to the feeling of being in an earth quake, I also noticed this shaking caused my window to crack. the whole apartment is off level, and is over 40 years old, the place below me scares me, because I saw it was even more off level then mine, when my neighbor showed me and saw that there was water damage. Does this sound serious, or is the building just old? I let my manager known, but they said there is nothing they can do because it will cost millions to renovate, and the floor is fine. Further more I have had electrical issues, and the repairs are slow. Are there any options for me legally, to get out of this place, my neighbors are afraid the place will collapse.
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Asked Oct 23, 2015

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