Do people from hawkes bay naturally see negativity as positive?

The people I meet see any good thing I do a negative and support me in difficult trials and see all hobbies and hard work towards goals of grown adults as homo, lesbian, psycho or a brain growth/defunct. I am multilingual, a multiracial white. I have not come across so much negativity I am a world traveller but I have not. They are big gossipers. Make all sorts of claims when I try and grab peoples attention they started gossiping and spreading lot of rumors. I heard a rumor that I am a big cheater and the people said to the other 2 the purpose is to spread the rumor. Wherever I go now people are rude that it is disgusting. They also hate Americans and any foreigners. They think Americans are all super rich. This is not limited to the towns it extends to Hastings, Napier. They are sometimes condescending and talk to me like anything I say (my ambitious plans) are of no importance. They are condescending. The area has few young people and does not support young people and other young people have a hard time. I also noticed the young people after hearing too much about one hobby or another by, seeing or hearing them do it start condescending the person saying they might be psycho. I know New Zealand is really racist.
Asked Oct 23, 2015
Edited Oct 23, 2015

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