My community is bullying me what should I do?

What should I do? I have a friend but I think shes secretly enemy like everyone. And I want to die every day.
I told dad I want to die and dad said its all in your head, your mental, what do you think, you should be put away, in a psych ward?
Go out. She never goes out. Go home!
Shes homeless. Shes hobo. Look at her shes -
Go back to you mom

The purpose is to spread the rumor. She didnt- But the purpose is to spread the rumor.
Shes under 18
Get arrested
She works
She doesnt work

She did...----. Oh but I mean. Ok I get it, she didnt. Yes I know. I got it! Oh but I will tell people shes horrible.
Shes on my facebook (heard this from fellow student) but Im not on his facebook. I never knew him
They chanted your Lesbian shes lesbian, your lesbian, we dont like you, shes gay, your gay, your gay, go shit, we dont like you, shes rich. Go POWER BALL! BALL!. POWER LOTTO! She won the lotto! She won the lotto! Shes selfish. Youre selfish. Shes a rich bitch. Shes homophobic. She thinks-. Youre criminal! Go get arrested Youre the governor/shes the governor. She killed JFK. Shes against the government Your a murderor. Go get a boy friend. Shes Cia.
Shes cheating on men
I understand shes cheating. (I have never had a boyfriend). Shes a tom boy
Shes not Christian

Your Criminal Go on the computer your Criminal
Your on the Computer!(Meaning get off)
She likes (insert any hobbies here) so shes lesbian. Isnt that boy -you know tomboyish? Shouldnt she be out playing with friends? She looks so young she shouldnt be here. Youre a kid. You shouldnt be here. Go. Sexually. Sexy Shes weird
Shes weird. Very. She should go to a psychiatric hospital. What shes buying things on her own? Want a lotto ticket? You understand you need to show ID to buy ciggs dont you? When I am buying grocerries or a lotto ticket.

You dont think your friend REALLY is your friend? Dont count on it that she is your friend.

I have a few friends but I wouldnt trust them for a minute they wouldnt turn their backs on me.
Shes so angry. Shes horrible (by stranger while Im looking at the road in front of me riding a bike). A group of teenagers walk up to me and start laughing (Ha ha ha). I was buying something in the shop the other day and the teller I bought my groceries from after wards she Shes Lesbian? and laughed. And they all joined in laughing. I was going to other supermarket and a kid started making rude sounds and the kids made sounds and they sounded like they were the FBI ops after me. My neighbor was bouncing a ball after 10:00 Pm at night whenever I moved or did anything. When I go to the bathroom my neighbor was going to the bathroom every time I went to the bathroom. I asked my mom one time do you like me? She said no, I dont like you.

Im not like you.
Youre not like me.

Your gang stalking. A psychopath. A psychopathickr Your a criminal!
Shes not from here.

Dont you think you should be with your mom?
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Asked Oct 22, 2015
Edited Oct 22, 2015

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