How to get rid of tonsillitis naturally?

I've had tonsillitis 5/6 times since July ( couple days to November now ). I've been to the doctors many times and the only thing they say is have these antibiotics and you'll be fine. I've done 3 courses of antibiotics and every time it's been a very had experience due to the side effects and it just makes me more depressed and irritable.
I'm a professional singer so I NEED my voice back asap and my throat to be healthy again for singing. My therapist also mentioned I should see an ENT yet my GP refused to give me a referral there saying it would be a waste of time. Also my therapist mentioned I might be getting tonsillitis due to stress..
Does anyone know natural remedies for this?! Or any way to help me?!
If anyone can help me thank you!
Asked Oct 21, 2015

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