Please help me! I need advice of getting the love of my life back:(

Someone please give a advice:( I'm a young guy with hardly any friends and I have no one to even talk to for advice. Recently I lost the love of my life, I have been with many girls and dated many hoping for them to be the perfect one and I never found it. When I gave up hope and thought, that's it.. No more relationships or dates, I'm just going to wait till my soul mate finds me, and she sure did. I never felt this way about anyone before in my entire life, she is so gorgeous, got my humour, we could sit in a room all day and not get bored of each other's company and be full of conversation and we could talk for hours on end, be so open with each other and be passionately comfortable. My point is, I love this girl with all my heart, we planned for a future and everything was so perfect. But my past life of girls has impacted our relationship drastically, I'm not blaming it all on my past, but it has a big part in it. One girl I loved that I was with for two years nearly, she lied to me all the time. Messed with my head on a daily basis and I found out she cheated on me with her ex. I was distraught, and the way my mind is currently thinking... Hey, she's the dream girl everyone would want, and your ex was nothing special. Who's to say she won't do the dirty on me too? My paranoia got the worst of me and caused us to argue, slowly go off with each other. And when we argued I said some nasty pointless crap that fuelled a fire more and more, we went on a few breaks and came back together a few times but it's always ended with my stupidity ruining it when we'd argue. About 1 week ago, we had a fall out, she told me she had had enough and we split. I spoke to her today and she told me there is no way we can get back together due to how I treated her and the accusations, then she told me that she's kissed someone else at a party just 6 days after we split. I'm annoyed but I didn't show it, and I don't blame her as I've pushed her to do it, but honestly it is eating away at me. She said she regrets doing it as it was quite early to do something like that, but she doesn't regret it as she wanted to drill it into her head that we are finished. I know she loves me, we've been through a lot together over the past year. But this is it, if there was a possibility I could get her back, I would change my ways totally as this has been the kick up the backside and woke me up to how I am, she said she will be there for me and she won't get with anyone etc whilst we get over each other, so basically get used to being friends and not in a relationship. So here's the question. How could I get get back? What can I do? I can't let this go because this will affect me for the rest of my life. I can't let her be the girl that got away. Any advice on what to do at all, please tell me. Thank you for taking your time in reading this.
Asked Oct 12, 2015
hay dude..just tell her that she is the love of your life and it wouldn't change...just let your ego go away..she is a girl so treat her like a princes..And the good point is you understand that the problem is with you not with's good because if you have to change her may be it would be the most difficult thing in the world..but you can change your self..try to be a nice guy..if I were you I would show I was annoyed when she told that...why would I hide it from her..i'm sure you both will have a happy life if you can train your self to not to argue with her for small things..go to her and ask her for a one chance..If she really loves you may be she will give you a chance..just show your love..i mean this is your can do this my friend...just ask her nicely and tell her every thing on your heart..good luck :) :) hope to hear from you a good news soon
Answered Oct 13, 2015
Edited Oct 13, 2015
The first person who answered you is absolutely right, however, that isn't the only way you should view this situation. You say you are a young guy correct? Well i'm 20 and I also thought my first girlfriend was "the one." The reason we broke up was because of problems I caused and of course I regretted it. I did exactly what you are doing now when we broke up. I was asking questions online, reading things about people who had similar issues, and talking to my friends to try to figure out how I could fix things with the "love of my life." When it was all said and done I never did end up getting back with this girl and it sucked at first but it ended up being for the better. The thing that I learned about relationships early in your life is that most of the time you won't end up marrying that person and unfortunately most of them end in a break up. This might sound upsetting at first but what you need to realize is that all relationships that end in a breakup aren't considered failed relationships. Most of the time you can learn something about yourself, about relationships and take what you learned and apply it in your next relationship. Using your situation as an example, you will now go into your next relationship without hanging on to trust issues and hopefully that will cause your next relationship to be even more successful than your last one. I know it sucks man but what you need to understand is that life moves on and you live and you learn. Soon enough you will realize that this girl might have been a great girl but she was definitely not the love of your life.
Answered Oct 14, 2015
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Answered Dec 09, 2015

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