I'm Mad at my friend for not wanting to help me with something.What can I do to convince him to help

Okay, Well what I want him to help me with is to stop Keisler.Keisler has become so mean and everything that it's not funny, he's sexually assualting girls, and he got this boy in trouble for NO Reason and got him suspended for 2 days.Even worse, when he came back he started laughing and making fun of him.And the teachers treat Keisler nice and everything and I don't like it, and also they wouldn't do anything but just give him a warning if I tried to report him.But today, I went up to my friend and told him I needed help with something, he asked what and then I saw that I had to go do something so I told him I would tell him later.And later When I was walking down the hall to leave, I saw him and went up to him and said "So What I needed help with is to stop somebody" and then he gave me a look like he thought I was crazy and he said "I Can't Do That!" then he walked away.I was really upset with him that he did'nt even give me a Chance to tell him it was a bully that I was trying to stop.I'm thinking about trying to explain it to him tomorrow but I'm worried that he's just gonna blow me off again or not hear me out.I really want to stop Keisler because he's gonna keep bullying people and everything.What should I do?
Asked Oct 05, 2015
Edited Oct 05, 2015
can't you do something about this alone?i mean without your friend..
la0105 Oct 14, 2015

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