Complicated love situation and I don't know what to do?

I am going to give a brief rundown, and I am curious as to what others think, especially ones who don't really know anyone involved. So, I met someone last summer who I still have feelings for. It was mutual, however we are so similar, which means both introverted, and left our love unspoken and parted ways. This summer, I returned. We were friendly, but things got awkward for us both when a very good person, a friend to both of us, expressed very strong feelings for me. Overtime, the one I will always have feelings for and really care about distanced himself. I then had more intimate relations with the second guy, who is great, though I don't and have yet to experience quite the same feelings I have for the first. But, he basically forced me to talk about things, in a good way, since he is so much more extroverted/direct. There is an odd connection about the first that keeps me wondering, but a sadness about the second that doesn't make me want to part. However, we have all recently gone separate ways, and I am unsure as to whether to become close to either or these men again? The hardest thing is that there really isn't any pro and con list that could help, just a matter of what's said and what's felt.
We are all in our 20s with the whole unsure what to do with our lives phase and extreme wanderlust.
Asked Oct 05, 2015
Edited Oct 05, 2015
Well I think you need to stay single and get over the first guy then when your ready date the second guy
Answered Oct 05, 2015

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