My mom blocked me on facebook because I confronted her about her posts on depression. what do I do?

My mom blocked me on Facebook because I confronted her about her posts on depression. What do I do?

She is 49 years old. Recently broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years and has become incredibly bitter about her life at this point. As of now, she is seeing a new man within a MONTH post-breakup, and as if that wasn't enough, she refuses to admit that she's caused more anguish for me, my brother, and grandmother by forcing my brother and I to move in with her and her boyfriend's dysfunctional family for eight months before she realized that her idyllic lifestyle is starting to crumble. I'm 21, employed, have a car, attend college with an Associate's in Arts (w/Highest Honors achieved) and I'm baffled by her petulant and militant attitude. She lashes out verbally at anything that doesn't translate to plain-hard fact and will resort to teenage girl tactics to get her way if she doesn't have her cake and eat it. Any tips, thoughts and ideas?
Asked Oct 03, 2015
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