I'm scared of my science teacher but I'm too scared to report him.I'm not sure what to do?

The Science Teacher that I have is nice and all, but every time someone gets on his nerves he turns into a Monster.He starts screaming and yelling and all and today, when these two kids got on his nerves he looked at them and yelled "If You Don't Want Me To Be Nice Anymore THEN I WON'T DO IT!" And he also said "I Don't have to put up with your crap!" He also got really mad today and said "DON'T ASK ME ANYMORE QUESTIONS!".He is nice too me but I'm pretty much scared of him.Apparently though, he used to take Karate, Which shows he has anger problems.Also another horrible thing that happened today was this other teacher came in the room and said that she wanted to beat and Whip her students in the other room, and then he said " Fine With Me " and then she grabbed something and slammed the door Angrily, then I heard screaming and crying coming from the other room.I'm really scared that He's gonna tell at me one of these times.Also, he has threatened us that if we don't finish our test we're taking on Monday, He's gonna take it and rip it up in front of the entire class and embarrass us.I'm really scared that he'll rip my test up and embarrass me if I don't do good.I also saw him and the other teacher today talking and I heard them saying horrible things and cussing under their breath.I am not sure what they said, but It sounded like they said "I'm getting real tired of these dumb--- students, they're getting on my nerves, and I'm ready to just go up and beat their little da-- as----, And they're really pi--ing me off!" And there was a student standing right there hearing everything, but they told him to turn around so he wouldn't see them cussing, And I don't think teachers should be saying horrible things about their students.What can I do?
Asked Oct 02, 2015
Edited Oct 02, 2015
If you're worried, tell a parent or trusted adult. If you explain, they will listen and make sure that the principal and/or the Head of School is aware of this, and that you are scared (and most likely other students are too).
Answered Oct 03, 2015
John3 Oct 03, 2015
Awful thing for sure. Id tell your parents bout his anger issues he has in class and that he scares you and let them take it from there, the teachers dont need to be there if their gonna act that way!!!
Answered Oct 10, 2015
John3 Oct 18, 2015

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