Does my puppy have Mega Esophagus im really worried.

I bought my pure bred German shepherd puppy from this person 2000km from me, she agreed to have the puppy flown over if I arranged the transport, so I did. I kept in regular contact and she told me all about her dogs and the history of the parents and all that.
The day I got the puppy from the airport, I got him home and noticed a sound coming from his throat area, sort of like a slushing noise, the noise the make when they are about tho throw up kinda sound, like water sloshing around.. Anyway I get onto the vet and scheduled an appointment for that day, the vet checks him out and she says his in perfect health and she has no reason to suspect that it's Mega E..
He doesn't regurgitate his food and his a good weight but his just making this sound in this throat, it doesn't bother him, but im still worried it could be Mega E. His 11 weeks old this week. Im taking him to another vet and requesting a chest xray this week. But what do you think?
Asked Sep 27, 2015

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