Today, In My New Last Class, Keisler got put in there.What should I do?

Well, Today, Most of the 8th Grade all got put in Different Classes.And I got put in different classes as well, and most of them were good, but when I went to my new Last Class, I saw that Keisler was in there and I was Like "Oh No" and I was really upset.I'm now going to have to deal with him every last class every day for the rest of the Year.And today, we got to sit in our own seats, but next week,The Teacher says We're Getting Assigned Seats which scares me, because I'm scared he's gonna put me in a seat next to Keisler.He doesn't know that Keisler bullied me all last year and I'm afraid to tell him, because then Keisler will find out and he'll say he didn't.He's in none of my other classes now that the schedule's changed but Now I'm Gonna Have to deal with him in my last class.I'm thinking about telling another teacher that I either want to get switched out of there,or get Keisler switched out of there.And before he was just in my homeroom (which was bad enough) and now he's in my last class.I really don't want to have to deal with him every day, and I'm already really upset about it, What should I do?
Asked Sep 23, 2015

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