What are guys like around a girl he likes a lot?

What does it mean if a guy take a photo of you during class? I'm 22 and he's 16.. If that helps. I don't like him anymore than a friend
He seems to look at me when I'm not looking. When it feels like he's looking at me, I look up and its like he's trying to look busy or on his phone. Yesterday in class, I had a feeling he was up to something so I looked over at him and he had his phone out and snapped a photo of me which he's kept. He showed it to a friend of his today, during class and they both laughed as he looked over at me so I kinda looked back at him and he kept eye contact for a bit before he broke it off and turned to his friend. He talks to everyone else in the class but not so much me. He only ever looks at me and when he does he seems to keep it for a little bit before he goes back to his little thing. I'm not sure if I've been doing the right or wrong thing by breaking eye contact first after a split second because I don't want to give him the wrong impression
Asked Sep 23, 2015
It sounds like he might like you, and he also acts like it as well.So yes, I think he might like you.
Answered Sep 23, 2015

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